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Wireless Wifi Remote Control EU UK Standard 20A Water Heater Boiler LCD Touch Switch

Hot sale EU Smart touch countdown switch 20A high-power water heater switch WiFi remote control switch

Best price Wireless Wifi Remote Control EU UK Standard 20A Water Heater Boiler LCD Touch Switch

Product Description

[APP remote control] Tuya or smart life APP can be used to remotely control the switch on and off. You can see the open or closed state of the water heater from the APP when you are away.

[Support voice speaker control] The switch is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, allowing you to use the voice control Smart Switch to turn on/off.

[Timing] The smart switch is automatically turned on and off at a given time through the timer function. Could set the scheduled/countdown timer to turn on/off at a specified time

[Share]The control switch can be shared with family members.

[Link with other smart devices]It can be connected to other smart devices to realize a convenient smart life together. A home mode can be created and linked with other smart devices to automatically open the curtains as soon as you go home.

[Neutral is required]


Product name: Smart water heater switch

Connection method: live wire + neutral wire

Input voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Control method: APP/voice control/touch control

Support system: Alexa/Google Home/Tmall Wizard

Product material: ABS

Working temperature: -20°C-50°C

Product size: 86*86*35mm (EU standard)

Rated power: 4000W

Wireless standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n

Key life: 100,000 times

Packing size: 106*100*51mm

Product gross weight: 218g

Color: white/black/gold

Package Included:

1*switch, 1*English manual, 1*installation screw package

Product name

Wifi Touch screen smart water heater switch

Work with neutral wire


Input voltage

100-240V 50/60HZ

Rated Power


Standy by power


Plastic material


Fire-protection rating


Wireless Frequency


Voice control

Alexa/Google Home

App name

Tuya/Smart life




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